Caminito del Rey Walk – 2023 Update on What you need to Know

The Caminito del Rey, which translates to ‘The Kings little Path’ was constructed in 1905 and was aptly named after King Alfonso XIII crossed the walk in 1921.

The walkway fell into dis-repair and despite being closed to the public, people still found a way to cross it, resulting in many tragic deaths.  Until it’s restoration in 2015, the Caminito was often referred to as ‘The World’s most Dangerous Footpath’ and the ‘One of The World’s Scariest Hikes’.

The Caminito re-opened in 2015 following a 4 year restoration project and is now much more of a scenic walk than the terrifying trek of years gone by. Since it re-opened around 300.000 tickets are sold annualy for this famous walk, it even attracts celebrities.

Gordon Ramsey, Gino D'acampo and Fred Sirieux crossing the famous Camino bridge.

Recently UK celebrity chefs Gordon Ramsey, Gino D’acampo and Fred Sirieix filmed part of the popular ITV show ‘Gordon, Gino and Fred: Viva Espana! taking on the walk.  The trio were filmed crossing the notorious suspension footbridge, the ‘Puente del Rey’ with a terrified Gino hilariously crawling along while Gordon and Fred look on in hysterics.

The walk is around 60km inland from the beautiful city of Malaga, is over 7km long and is made up of forest paths and footbridges most of which cling precariously to the gorge walls 100 metres above the River Guadalhorce.

Still not convinced it’s safe enough??? If my ‘terrified of heights’ husband can do this trek, anyone can.

Getting to the Caminito del Rey

Getting to the Caminito del Rey is easy, there are a number of different options to consider.

Car – A scenic drive through the Malaga countryside to El Chorro, depending on your start should take less than 1.5 hours.

Train – From Malaga’s Maria Zambrano train station, direct to El Chorro. The journey takes around 40 minutes direct and trains run several times a day for between €3 and €5.

Bus + ticket – By far the most stress free way to get to the Camino is to book a guided bus transfer with your entrance ticket to the walk included. This way someone else can take the hassle out of the planning, all you have to do is turn up at the meeting point at the agreed time to be picked up and taken there.

Railway through mountain

Railway line running through the gorge

Tourists and locals have been coming to the area around the Caminito for years, especially in summer time when the turquoise reservoirs offer much needed respite from the hot sun. There are also water sports including a giant inflatable water park on the lake from June to September.

There are plenty quaint little campsites, b&b’s and guest houses in the area known as the Guadalhorce valley.  The landscape is unique, breathtaking in fact and its all just so peaceful and calm.

Recommended Hotels

How to book your tickets

Spaces are limited for the Caminito del Rey for safety reasons and they only allow around 50 people every half hour. Slots are released in 3 or 4 month batches and weekends get booked up quickly so there’s no point in just turning up hoping to get a slot.  You really must book ahead.

Booking is easy, just go to the calendar choose your date and time and select the number of tickets you want.  Pay with a credit card and print off the confirmation e-mail to take with you.

Start sign Caminito

The journey begins – Camino del Rey

We finally did the walk on chilly but beautifully sunny Saturday afternoon in December, after our previous booking a year earlier was aborted when my daughter woke up covered in chicken pox spots that morning.

If you can’t make it for any reason, they generally don’t offer refunds or alternative dates.  It’s tough luck basically as we found out after we were a ‘no show’ the first time. However if the walk is closed due to weather conditions, you can re-book for an alternative day.

Weather in Ardales, as it’s in land can be a few degrees cooler in winter than down on the coast and in summer expect it to be hotter, so be sure to check the forecast.  On the day of our walk temperatures in Malaga were 16 degrees but only 12 degrees in Ardales that day.

I was glad I threw an extra layer into the boot of the car just before we set off because with the blustery wind it felt much colder.

Arriving at the Caminito del Rey

The Camino del Rey walk is linea, you can only start the walk at one end, this is the North access point, you finish the walk at the South exit point.  For me the most logical thing to do if you arrive by car is this…drive to the North entrance, park your car and start the walk through the entrance tunnel.

When you finish the walk at the South end, directly opposite the Garganta Hotel is a bus stop, buses run several times per hour and run none stop between the North and South points, taking around 15 minutes each way.  You can pay the driver in cash, the cost is €2 pp (correct price for 2023)  and the bus will take you right back to  the North access right where you started.

If you have time however, I can personally recommend a well deserved pit-stop in the outdoor terrace bar of La Garganta Hotel, where you can rest your tired legs and marvel over the amazing walk you just completed.

North entrance and start of the walk

North entrance and start of the walk

We wanted to grab a light bite before starting the walk which was scheduled for 2pm, and knew there were some restaurants at the North entrance. Restaurant El Kiosko overlooking the lake was the perfect choice as next to it is the tunnel which you need to go through to start the Caminito del Rey.  Here you can pick up take away drinks and snacks too, bear in mind after this point, there is nowhere else to buy refreshemnts.

Restaurant El Kiosko

Restaurant El Kiosko & place to pick up snacks at the North entrance.

We arrived about 12.30pm and ventured upstairs at El Kiosko where they had a huge open fire so we grabbed a table right next to it and ordered. Portions were huge and we found it a bit much before embarking on a 7k hike.

There is a snack bar downstairs and also a grab and go type counter where you can pick up supplies like water, canned drinks, snack bars etc to take with you. There are also toilets downstairs at the entrance to the tunnel.

Restaurant El Kiosko open log fire

Roaring fire in restaurant El Kiosko

Allow yourself plenty of time

From this point (the tunnel), you still need to allow yourself 30 minutes before your time slot as this is NOT the start of the Caminito del Rey. It’s a 2.5 km scenic walk through forest to reach the starting point which will take 30 minutes at least.

Once at the starting point there were already loads of people waiting and there are staff to check your tickets, give you helmets and put you in the correct group. There are a lot of people that are part of guided tours which you can also book through the website, the tours are in English and Spanish.

Next they separate people into English and Spanish speakers for a brief safety instruction where the guide told us to allow around 2.5 hours to complete the walk, then you are off on your way.

lake el Chorro

One of the lakes near the Caminito

Almost immediately we came to a stretch of the route where the footpath changes to a wooden platform secured on top of steel rods which are pinned into the side of the steep gorge. There’a a mesh fence and handrail about waist high and most of this is suspended around 100 feet up.

It was only at this point I realised my husband of 12 years or so was actually really terrified of heights, this was real proper fear written all over his face.

The scenery along the route is amazing, my husband, unfortunately missed out on most of it because he could barely bring himself to look up or down. The vultures, buzzards and eagles circling above are ever present and I wondered if they were there waiting patiently for victims to fall.

As mentioned, the footpath fell into disrepair years ago and was closed in 2000 as it was so dangerous.  You can actually see the original path complete with holes, rusty metal poles and huge sections missing right below as you walk the new pathway.

Terrifying to think adrenaline junkies attempted this walk while it was in disrepair, despite the €6000 fine if caught, not to mention the huge risk involved.  Memorials are displayed to acknowledge 4 of the climbers that lost their life….

old dangerous path Caminito

Old and new path

No fear now though, It is completely safe once again and very well organised from start to finish.

The Walkway of Death

About 2km from the end as the path snakes around a bend it reaches a crucial point where walkers cross from one side of the gorge to the other.  The only way to do this is by walking over a suspended bridge about 10 metres in length and hundreds of metres high known as ‘The Walkway of Death’.

I’ve included a video showing a great overview of what to expect!

There are guides either side of the bridge making sure that everyone crosses safely. These guides also give the option for those too scared, to turn back, but with only 2 km to go from here, you’d be silly to turn back now.

For me, the bridge was my favourite bit, it was such a great opportunity to take photos and video from all angles. Suspended mid air between the rock face with absolutely nothing interrupting your view.

Camino del Rey walk of death

Walk of nerves!

The Walkway of Death.

Once safely on the other side and during the final km stretch, the Caminito takes a dramatic path along a very straight and narrow cliff, then finally comes back to solid ground for the final few hundred metres.

There are some information boards explaining how and when it was built and about the restoration. Stop and look at them as they really do help you to appreciate the almost impossible task of its construction.

Map el Chorro region

Map showing the route.

Getting back to your car

All that is left to do is follow the signs for the El Chorro train station, its easy as its a straight road. Pass the car park and a camp site, then you’ll see the train station on the left with a handy little bar to grab a quick drink.

Next to the station is where you pick up the bus to take you back to the start. There were already people waiting when we arrived and a bus had just pulled in however there was no room for us so we had to wait 30 minutes for the next one.

El Chorro Train station

El Chorro Train station

As previously mentioned, if you have a little bit of time a fantastic place to grab a bite to eat and a drink is La Garganta Hotel and restaurant, directly opposite the bus stop. Walk round to the outside terrace for some amazing views over the Caminito and a well earned drink.

I really wish I had known about this hotel before our visit as it’s the perfect location to the Caminito del Rey to stay over for a night or two and explore the area more.  It has so much rustic charm and gorgeous views over the lake and the final stretch of the Caminito del Rey.

I’ve rounded up the best hotels and accommodation ideally located to explore this amazing national park area

The bus was punctual and the journey back to the car/North entrance took only 15 minutes.  The bus takes you just past the car park and drops you at El Kiosko and the entrance tunnel to the start of the route.  The last bus, at the time of writing, leaves at 7pm, as tempting as it is to stay for another drink on the Garganta terrace bar, you would be left stranded if you missed it.

All in all the walk took a total us of 2 hours 30 minutes, including the short walk leading to the start of the Caminito del Rey.

If I could summarise, this walk is as close you will ever come to feeling like you are part of a Indiana Jones movie.  The clear glass viewing platform, if you dare to step onto it is a reminder of how unnaturally high up you are, even more apparent if you are afraid of heights.

It is unlike any other place you will ever go to and even though some say it has lost its edge since it’s restoration. If you are an adrenaline junkie then I believe you cannot come to the Malaga region and not walk the Caminito del Rey.

Essential Information

Bring plenty water, snacks and sunscreen

Small backpack (large bags are not allowed)

Comfortable clothing and footwear (hiking shoes are best)

Pets are not allowed

Children under 8 years old are not allowed

There are no toilets along the path

The walk will occasionally close in the event of bad weather – refunds are not offered

The last bus from the South to North is 7pm, the bus accepts cash only.


  1. Avatar Sindija says:

    Thank you for this review!
    I will go there next week with my boyfriend, I think I am like your husband, but I hope I will be able to overcome my fear and enjoy Caminito Del Rey!
    We will go there with train and after hike we will have few hours till the train back, is it possible to explore lakes near this place by foot? 🙂

    • Anna Collins Anna Collins says:

      Hi. My friend is actually terrified of heights and almost didn’t go despite having booked it weeks in advance. He is so glad he did it, you will be too I hope and you’ll be super proud of yourself if you do!

      If you get the bus back to to the North entrance or starting point then there is a huge beautiful lake to explore, there are some water sports too depending on the time of year. Also many cafes with beautiful views across the lake if you feel like just resting and taking in the scenery.

      At the south end, where you will finish the walk, pop into the reception of La Garganta hotel, they will give you some information on other walks around the area and the lake there. There’s plenty to do to fill the rest of your day.

      Enjoy and you never know you might get over your fear of heights!


    • Avatar Paul says:

      Experienced the Caminito last week and reading up on articles like yours really helped, everything went so smooth. It was a highlight of my recent trip to Malaga, epic scenes. Thanks for the guidance!

      • Anna Collins Anna Collins says:

        Hi Paul, that’s amazing, thanks so much for the feedback, it’s so nice to hear that I have helped someone have a great experience. Im glad you enjoyed the Camino, it’s hard to put into words how breathtaking it is don’t you think? Honestly, thanks for taking the time to let me know.

  2. Avatar Phil says:

    Hi, you mention the train to El Chorro, how far is the walk entrance from there. Phil

    • Anna Collins Anna Collins says:

      Hi Phil.

      The El Chorro train station is at the South end of the Camino walk (where the walk ends), you need to get to the North entrance which is the start. You can pre-book the bus at the same time you get your ticket for the Camino del Rey but i believe you can also just pay the driver when you get there. The bus stop is right outside the train station and runs every 30 minute, it will take you directly to the North entrance (the start) in about 15 or 20 minutes. I think it costs about 1.50€ for the bus journey.

  3. Avatar Jillian Wood says:

    Hi Anna, thank you for your very detailed review of the Caminito del Rey which will help me plan my trip. I hope there will still be spaces available in late July 2019 and plan to book today.

    I am travelling with a bunch of teens and want to know if the water activities on the lake need to be pre-booked, and if so how do I go about that from the UK?

    Thank you,

    • Anna Collins Anna Collins says:

      hi Jillian. Thanks for your message. I hope you managed to get booked since July is not that popular with locals as it will be very hot. You will enjoy walking the Caminito del Rey it’s such an amazing thing to do.

      Regarding water sports, I’m not aware of a facility to pre book, you can literally turn up, rent a kayak or peddle boat and off you go. Usually from June to September there is a huge inflatable water park out on the lake opposite to the entrance of the Camino del Rey tunnel. It’s a fantastic way to cool off and your bunch of teens will love it. It’s about 10 euros for an hour which is usually long enough.

      Have a fantastic trip.

  4. Avatar Frank Healy says:

    First saw this when on a day trip out around 8/9 years ago. The guide was pointing out the railway and telling how it featured in the film Von Ryan’s Express, they briefly mentioned the footpath saying it was closed as being dangerous. Looked it up on the internet when we got home viewed the video on YouTube and said I would like to walk it if it was ever restored. Got my chance last year and whilst some may consider it fairly tame compared to some walks (and would not disagree) it really is an excellent day out. I also am not a fan of heights even if I did use to work with a team running outdoor pursuits and mountain walking courses but never I felt nervous – perhaps it was the magnificent scenery that kept my mind off it. My wife for years has allowed herself to be dragged around various events supporting me said she had enjoyed it – now that is an endorsement.

    • Anna Collins Anna Collins says:

      Thanks for your comment Frank. I totally agree and know loads of people that are scared of heights and have plucked up the courage to do the Camino, all of whom said they were so glad they did it. My husband and father-in-law to name two. The scenery and surroundings, as you say are enough to take your mind off how high up you are. I do hope your wife enjoyed this one too, it really is a great day out!!

      • Avatar Margaret Fay says:

        Anna we have booked for next Friday. I have a real fear of heights but love photography. Hoping the love of this will help me achieve this walk. After reading your blog we have booked the hotel for the night before. We will head up on Thursday and enjoy the area.
        Looking forward to a great day out.

  5. Avatar Michelle says:

    Thank you for the detailed information which really helped with planning our trip. We managed to book the hotel at El Chorro which I didn’t know about. Originally we were due to return back to Ronda after our walk and the trains are very infrequent and finish early. The Garganta hotel has made our travel so much easier, staying there will make life so much more simple. We travel next week; Malaga, Ronda and then the Caminito. Fabulous.

    • Anna Collins Anna Collins says:

      That’s great to hear Michelle. It’s a fab hotel and makes everything about the walk so much easier since it’s right at the finish.

      I’ glad you found my post useful in planning your trip and wish you a lovely stay in and around Malaga.

  6. Avatar Alison Newbery says:

    Thank you for this review I’ve just booked for me & my sister for January and although I’m scared., thanks for giving me a bit of courage. …

    • Anna Collins Anna Collins says:

      Alison. I know loads of people who put off doing this for many years and absolutely all of them have said how glad they were that they finally did it. I’m sure you’ll feel exactly the same. Just remember the bar at the hotel Garganta at the finish has great wine and beer, that will be enough to get you through it!

      Thanks for reading and commenting 😉

  7. Avatar LIZ says:

    Hola Anna,

    I’m just wondering if it’s possible to start from the South Side cause we will be catching the train and walk back instead of catching the bus? Or we have a Tarjeta Transbordo can we use it on the bus?

    Muchas gracias,


    • Anna Collins Anna Collins says:

      hi Liz. When it first opened you could start at either the North or South side, unfortunately now you can only start at the North. So you would have to take the bus to the North side to start your walk. I believe you will have to buy the bus ticket, it’s about around €1.50 per person.

  8. Hi Liz
    Thanks for the great article.
    As soon as covid clears, this is going on my bucket List!

  9. Avatar Stephen Kane says:

    We took the train from Malaga and selected the option to include the guided tour – I would recommend this option to augment the audio guide once we can get into groups again. A must for any visit to Malaga.

  10. Avatar Ben Smith says:

    Hi Anna, I’ll be going on the walk tomorrow and though I do have mild vertigo I’m hoping the views will take my mind off that! The only tickets available were those without guides so I guess I’ll read up beforehand or after 🙂 Regarding the shuttle bus to take you back, there wasn’t the option to do this on the (hopeless) website, do you know if I can just pay the driver? Thanks for a great article!

  11. Avatar diana wallace says:

    HI Anna we are looking to do this walk in May. We are staying at the Gran Miramar Hotel in the centre of Malaga – do you know approximately what the cost of a taxi would be to take us there for this walk. Alternatively do you know if there are excursions that pick up from points in the city. Thank you

    • Anna Collins Anna Collins says:

      I don’t know Diane. You can download the Uber app when you arrive and get a price for an Uber, alternatively you can get the train from Malaga as per my post.

  12. Avatar Alex says:

    Hello Anna! Can I stop at the North entrance by car from Malaga? then we would go back from the south entrance for the car. How long is the entrance from the north car park to the entrance? Thanks. Alex

    • Anna Collins Anna Collins says:

      You can park your car at the North entrance on the road side, its a 30 minute walk from the car park area to the start of the camino. Book the shuttle bus when you finish at the south side to take you back to your car.

  13. Avatar Jan MacKay says:

    Hi Anna, I just booked my October ticket today and am hoping I’ll make it in time from central Malaga. I’m due to start at 10:20 but was going to get the really early train. I’ve heard there are 2 entrances? Both are behind the kiosk restaurant, but one is much shorter? How much total time do you think train to el Chorro then shuttle, then tunnel will take? I’m interested to hear about Diana’s Uber because I may have to choose nuthatch option and then train back.
    Thanks so much

    • Anna Collins Anna Collins says:

      Hi, it’s quite an early start you have booked. There is only one entrance to the Camino, this is the North, the walk finishes at the South and the South is where El Chorro train station is, so great for you getting home but it’s a good 15 minutes car/uber ride from South where you’ll get off the train to the north. Also factor in a 30 minute walk from where the taxi will drop you to the actual start of te Camino walk as you have to meander through the woods to get to the start. You are right in saying it’s behind the Kiosk bar/cafe, just be aware of the times mentioned. Pre-book a taxi or uber if you can as from memory there weren’t any taxis waiting by the train station, id hate for you to miss it. Maybe consider staying in the Garganta hotel the night before your walk, it’s opposite the train station and has very pretty views.

  14. Avatar Anne says:

    Will it be really hot walking the Caminito del Rey early to mid October starting around 10.30am or does the height make it breezy and cooler?
    Thank you

  15. Avatar Lisa says:

    Thanks for this fab info!

    Do you know if there are taxis available at the finish, at El Chorro? We are likely to finish just as the bus schedule takes it’s 2 hour lunch break so don’t want to hang around that long to get back to our car near El Kiosko.


  16. Avatar Magdalena says:

    No toilets ? Nature toilet allowed then ?

  17. Avatar Tom says:

    Is there a age requirement for children on this thank yiu

  18. Avatar Denise says:

    Hi Anna
    Is there anywhere to sit and wait, like a bar or coffee house if you are not doing the walk but accompanying friends that are doing it. I would like to go with them for the trip but am I not able to do the walk itself.

    • Anna Collins Anna Collins says:

      Yes there are cafe/bars at the start and at the end of the walk, a lovely hotel with a cafe calle La Garganta at the South end which is where the walk ends is perfect to enjoy a drink and has amazing views over the gorge.

  19. Avatar Kathy says:

    We are in our late 70s / early 80s – reasonably fit but not great walkers. Do you think we could manage the walk? Do you have to do it in a fixed time or can you stop every now and then to regain energy? Thanks.

    • Anna Collins Anna Collins says:

      Hi, thanks for your comment. It’s great you are considering it, just a few things I would keep in mind before you decide. The walk to the start of the Camino is around 2km and it is in forestland which is quite uneven in many places and there are few banks too. Once you get to the start it is fairly flat for the remaining 5km of the actual Camino route, that said, it’s narrow in parts and of course when you get to the suspension bridge if it’s windy, it does move a fair bit. There are some benches along the route but i don’t remember seeing that many, which means there are not many places to sit and rest during the walk if you were to get tired and want to take a rest. I don’t believe you have to finish it within a certain time, but best to book a morning slot if you do go as it closes at a certain time in thre afternoon and you wouldn’t want to feel rushed.

  20. Avatar Caroline Burke says:

    Hi Anna,
    I’m planning to do the walk in mid-September, a few days after I celebrate a significant birthday! I’m staying at La Garganta Hotel for two nights (before and after) – it looks absolutely beautiful! Is the hotel nearest to the start or the finish of the walk? If you have any recommendations for other ‘must-sees’ in the local area, I’d love to know also.
    Thanks so much
    Caroline x

    • Anna Collins Anna Collins says:

      Hi Caroline. Congratulations on your birthday! The Garganta hotel is at the end of the walk. So if you are staying here the night before your walk you can take the bus to the start, the bus stop is directly opposite the hotel. Then you’ll finish the walk right where you took the bus. It works really well.

      The lakes are really beautiful to see while you are in the area, some really nice restaurants overlooking the main lake in the area, look up restaurant El Nirador Ardales. Lovely views over the lake from this restaurant.

      Have a great time and happy birthday.

  21. Avatar Alex says:

    Hello Anna,
    I’ve booked a guided tour for 15:00 hour.
    I am very confused because I find conflicting info about the meeting point for the tour – the visitor reception center, El Kiosko, the point where you said the tickets are checked – and there are quite a few kilometers between them so I can’t just go and see what happens…
    Can you help me a little bit by explaining the actual location where I should arrive?

    • Anna Collins Anna Collins says:

      Hi Alex, Sorry for the confusion, have you already completed the walk now? If you have it booked for a later date then hopefully i can help. Have you booked the bus with entrance ticket and guided tour, or just entrance with guided tour? If it’s the latter, then you start walking on your own from El Kiosko until you reach the ticket checking point, this is then where you’ll meet your guide and your tickets will be checked etc. So to confirm, you need to give yourself around 1 hour for getting from El Kiosko through the woodland to the check point, start from El Kiosko at 2pm or before if you can. Please let me know how you found it, I am interested to get your feedback. Apologies for not replying sooner.

  22. Avatar Kathryn says:

    Hi Anna,
    We’re planning to visit caminito del rey next week. 🙂 We’re going to take the train. Do you think we can catch the train back to Malaga at 16.39 if we’re going to start the hike at 11.50am/12.20nn? We’ll arrive on el chorro at 10.33am.
    Thank you.

  23. Avatar Mandy says:

    We are a 3 generation English family (youngest 13 oldest 74)with varying levels of fitness, who intend to do the walk in August. Do we have to have a guided tour or can we just book and do it in our own time – not sure what breaks we will need along the way

    • Anna Collins Anna Collins says:

      Hi Mandy, No you definitely don’t need to do it with a guide, it generally takes longer with the guide than if you were to do it on your own. There are some picnic benches along the way, but honestly not that many places to stop and take a break since much of the walk is too narrow to accomodate benches. Keep in mind that in August it is going to be very hot and you will need at least 3 hours to complete it.

  24. Avatar Lisa says:

    Thanks for such a great article! I’m coming with a group and as such we will probably get a mini bus up there and then get another one back later in the day. but would love to go for a swim and chill after the walk . Is the lake with the water sports (or just a nice area to chill) in walking distance or even a shuttle bus/short taxi ride?

    • Anna Collins Anna Collins says:

      Hi Lisa, yes the lake with water sports is righ at the North entrance where you will start the walk. It depends on what time of year you are planning to do it though as the water sports are usually only operating during high season. Either way, there are picnic benches on the river banks and it’s a nice picnic spot even if you don’t swim. Have a great time.

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